Pregnant women love checklists and for good reason, pregnancy brain is a real thing. But with every checklist we read, it brings a sense of panic. Do I have what I need for my registry, hospital bag,  nursery? We went back to the basics and focused on 10 items that were the most helpful to us during pregnancy. Don’t worry, we made a list for our hospital bag, too. Like we said, moms love lists.


Lucky for us (and our ankles), sneakers are trending and more acceptable than ever to wear outside of the gym. For summer, we love an all-white sneaker.


BKR Water Bottle

Call me crazy but drinking out of this chic, glass bottle motivated me to keep hydrated.


AG Jeans

Invest in two pairs of designer maternity jeans. We bought a straight fit and boyfriend jean and have found that served us well during pregnancy. Trust us, you will wear them every day.



A pregnancy pillow will be your new best friend. Buy a cover for it and apologize in advance for taking up even more room on the bed. We also bought the wedge pillow but found it unnecessary.


Tank Dress

I loved my Old Navy version but you can find something similar at almost any retailer who sells maternity. It’s the perfect layer for under a chambray, under a long vest, or alone with a pair of sneakers (see above).


Liz Lange Maternity Tank Tops

I bought a gray, black and white version and then bought another white and black one because I wore them that often. Another perfect layering piece and bonus, there is no ruching on the side making this an extra long tank you can add to your closet post-maternity.


Allafia Everyday Coconut Face Wash

I switched out a few beauty products when I found out I was pregnant and my face wash was one. This is a gentle face wash that is free of paraben and has lasted me my entire pregnancy.



Babies in utero start hearing sounds around week 18. We played our favorite music before bed or first thing in the morning. It was a great bonding experience for my husband and we loved seeing what songs would make baby kick. It turns out he’s a fan of Talking Heads.



Suavs are designed with flexibility and softness in mind. Chic and comfortable, this slip on is the perfect solution to the third-trimester-shoelace-tying-struggle. Update: they now come in two new colors, gold and pale blue.


Mother’s Special Blend

My favorite belly oil on the market that came highly recommended. It absorbs quickly and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. I went through roughly 8 bottles but I started oiling around 10 weeks and applied after my shower and once more throughout the day.